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    Kicking off with shuffling Boards of Canada-esque weirdness the standard is firmly set for the rest of the album. It's a downbeat, wispy and slightly melancholic affair that could lazily be compared to Mercury Rev or The Flaming Lips. It's pretty sad stuff all told, even if you're not a girl into self-harm. It is however well put together and the songs are more heart-felt, original and less annoying than say the whiny schlock of misos Coldplay, which is definitely a good thing. I've heard too many albums like this to be impressed, depressed maybe but not impressed. If however you don't listen to as much hip-hop as me and your glass is always half-empty then I'm sure you'll love it. So don't write it off I'm just because I'm in a good mood but on the other hand don't blame me if you can't dance to it either. Hang on, some of the synths sounded a bit like New Order then, yeah, yeah I like it now, it's alright. Sorry everyone it's a grower not a show-er.

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