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  • Posted by: Mike P on Sep 8, 2009

    September Planet Mu

    ZIQ239 Mary Anne Hobbs Wild Angels

    The 14th of September sees the third in the series of Mary Anne Hobbs collaborative compilations with Planet Mu, this one’s called "Wild Angels". It’s a colourful combination of music, from all over the globe this time, bringing together the puzzle-hop of Mike Stott, Hudson Mohawke and Nosaj Thing, Tranqill and Paul White amongst others and combining it with forward thinking dubstep such as Brackles, Floating Points, Rustie, Gemmy, Darkstar and Starkey, this really is a compilation that recognises those people who are pushing things into strange new directions. It works both as a great collection of music for the aficionado and an amazing sampler for the layman who wants to get their teeth into the genre.

    21st September ZIQ 251 - Burnkane - You Don’t Know.

    Burnkane’s debut single for Planet Mu is perhaps the most out there dubstep record that’s ever been released. ‘You Know’ is a barely held together mix of smudgy cello and autotuned vocals in a fog of atmospheric echo, with buried minimal drums holding the track in shape. It’s the sort of unusual vision of dubstep you could imagine Kevin Shields making and sounds indebted to Arthur Russell’s home-grown experiments.
    B-side track ‘You Will Forget’ starts slow and dense with a lumbering bassline and slurred, treated vocals, before breaking into James J.K. Hughes mcing and snappy dancehall drums. It’s a track that follows a typical pop format, like a leftfield take on current r and b but one that’s treated and dubbed out into something strange and narcotic. Exciting stuff!

    28th September ZIQ249 - Terror Danjah - Gremlinz (The Instrumentals 2003 - 2009)

    This collection of probably the best producer in Grime’s instrumentals is pretty astonishing. Terror Danjah’s amazingly creative productions using a small palette of sounds in combination is pretty breathtaking to hear, full of complex rhythms and pop hooks, rounded off with his trademark ‘Gremlin’ cackle audio logo. The music he makes is immediately recognisable as his, but always fresh, it’s a neat trick.

    So that's the releases for September

    We are hosting a room at the 2562 album Launch party so come along a see some of the Mu School artists. Also for people in the Netherlands, or people who like travel we have just organised a night in association with Smackdown at Doornroosje in the Netherlands for the 17th of October.

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