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  • Posted by: Thomas on Jul 27, 2009

    10th August ZIQ240 Luke Vibert – We Hear You CD/LP/MP3
    August 10th seems the return of Luke Vibert, a mainstay of Planet Mu over the years, he’s come up trumps with this tasty album that combines all his various forays into disco, trip hop ( a term he claims rightfully to have invented ) and acid into an ingenious and pleasurable album, one of his most accomplished in a while, all meat no filler.

    24th August Terror Danjah Industry Standard EP Vol 4 12”/MP3
    One of Grime’s greatest producers doing it for Planet Mu with this 4 tracker of great new music, including a remix of his classic 'Zumpi Hunta' by Swindle that beats Joker at his own game.
    Four varied tracks including a 'Zumpi Hunta' VIP that showcase his unique style before the ‘Gremlinz’ retrospective compilation lands.

    24th August ZIQ246 Neil Landstrumm - Bambaataa eats his breakfast CD/LP/MP3
    Neil’s back on it again, with an album that Simon Reynolds recently described as ‘It's like Neil Landstrumm decided to enter the race to produce the Debut Zomby Album and has actually beaten Zomby to the finishing line’. There is more to his style than this of course; two tracks feature the mcing of ‘Profisee' lending words of wisdom through skilled verses. All of the music here have a charming brickabrac melodic 8 bit style running through them which gets under your skin in a very enjoyable way.

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