My First Week

  • Posted by: Thomas on Aug 14, 2008

    Well it's getting near the end of my first week here at Planet Mu, and what a crazy week it has been. Day one began rather bizarrely, I did not know what to expect other than I was coming to help out sort out artist accounts and deal with some of the admin that slows Mike down. So when I arrived at 10 (yes thats right I start at 10, I have landed on my feet) Mike explained that I needed a new computer as Ruby was inheriting the one that was in the office. He asked where we could get one locally. After I suggested PC World, Comet etc., he looked rather unimpressed and suggested something a bit more up market. So we headed off to the hellhole that I call "Bluewater" where he picked me up a brand new Mac for my office space as well as buying me lunch at a nice Italian place.

    The rest of the day was spent phoning artists and agents sorting out the lineup for the Planet Mu + Tippex party (what I have forgot to mention is that it celebrates Mike's Birthday).

    Much of Tuesday was taken up the same way organising promotion and finalising travel details for the artists. Wednesday I spent finishing off the party and began to make promos for the Sunken Foal album. By Thursday I was knee deep in promo production for the Sunken Foal Album and e.p as well Virus Vs Various 7", and the Sick Pay album. Me and Mike then went shopping for a sub as the mac speakers just don't cut it when it comes to sub bass.

    Today Mike introduced me to the world of Planet Mu artist accounts what I can honestly say floored me. There's a lot to learn. After some lunch I did some more promos. Then in the last half an hour we have just taken delivery of the test pressings of Eero's album and the Last Step.

    So all in all it has been a crazy first week. It's been great whilst working being able to listen to demos and future releases (I think I'm looking forward to Starkey's the most at the moment). Anyway don't forget to get your tickets for the Planet Mu & Tippex night.

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