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  • Posted by: Thomas on Sep 30, 2011


    Hello. Next year sees the release of 'Ital' a.k.a. Daniel Martin McCormick's debut for Planet Mu. Daniel has recorded EPs for the esteemed Not Not Fun record label and it's offshoot 100% Silk as well as playing and singing in the cult band Mi Ami, who are on Thrill Jockey Records. The record is called 'Hive Mind' and on it Daniel uses audacity to "chew" samples and loops, creating a malleable, sticky, engaging sound environment aiming to stretch time and pay homage to techno inspirations without copying them.

    Tropics 'Parodia Flare’ is now out on LP/CD mp3 and WAV formats.

    Tropics is Chris Ward, a young British producer and multi-instrumentalist who came to our attention last year when we released his first single ‘ Soft Vision’’; his early unreleased tracks and remixes were being given attention from the likes of Pitchfork and others, so we knew we were onto something special.

    Since then he’s released two singles and the synth-pop of his early tracks has evolved into a more substantial and personal sound on this, his debut album. ‘Parodia Flare’ features Chris as a multi-instrumental auteur, playing drums, guitar, and a range of synths and electronic boxes, as well as singing on these songs.

    You can catch Tropics live on the following dates:

    30th Sept Pop Southampton, UK 

    16th Oct Binnacle Festival London, UK 

    19th Oct Buffalo Bar Cardiff, UK 

    20th Oct Sneaky Petes Edinburgh, UK 

    21st Oct The Arches Glasgow, UK 

    22nd Oct Start The Bus Bristol, UK 

    28th Oct Electric Brixton London, UK 

    Nov 5th The Hague Holland, NL 

    Nov 22nd Bodega Social Nottingham, UK
Nov 25th Viral Radio Amsterdam, NL
Dec 1st Rhythm Factory London, UK 

    Dec 2nd Rome, IT

    We are also pleased to announce a few new releases. First the debut LP from Kuedo.

    All of us at Planet Mu are really excited about this release so much so we have decided to release the album on our first ever Planet Mu limited edition CASSETTE

    There is a lovely piece about the album in Pitchfork that is well worth a read, and a great interview in FACT MAGAZINE

    On his debut long-player ‘Severant’, Jamie Teasdale a.k.a. Kuedo has made an album of dreamlike music, loaded with his own preoccupations with futurism and escapism, that's very different from his previous output as one half of Vex’d.

    Secondly we have a great footwork release from Chicago's almighty ‘Ghettoteknitianz’ crew.

    The Ghettoteknitianz are a formidable clique of footwork DJs who count ‘Rashad’ and ‘Spinn’ (who have previously released EPs on Mu) among their members, as well as veterans such as Traxman, Gant-Man and younger producers like DJ Manny and DJ Earl.

    This incredible EP runs a gamut of styles that make clear the connections with house music's past, while pushing things forward into the future in a way that hasn't really been done this clearly in a footwork release before.

    To promote the release DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn will be on tour in Europe throughout October.

    13/10/2011 Thursday UK Liverpool @ Rollercity 

    14/10/2011 Friday UK London @ Bussey Building 

    15/10/2011 Saturday Poland Krakow @ Unsound Festival 

    16/10/2011 Sunday Germany Hamburg @ Pudel Club 

    17/10/2011 Monday available contact 

    18/10/2011 Tuesday available contact 

    19/10/2011 Wednesday available contact 

    20/10/2011 Thursday Netherlands Den Haag @ 330live
21/10/2011 Friday Germany Berlin @ Horst 

    22/10/2011 Saturday France Paris @ Nouveau Casino 

    23/10/2011 Sunday available contact 

    24/10/2011 Monday available contact 

    25/10/2011 Tuesday available contact 

    26/10/2011 Wednesday available contact 

    27/10/2011 Thursday available contact 

    28/10/2011 Friday available contact 

    29/10/2011 Saturday Ireland Dublin @ Kennedys Bar

    Last "but by no means least", the follow up to last years ’Bangs & Works vol.1 - ’Bangs & Works Vol.2!(The Best Of Chicago Footwork).

    Last year Planet Mu released 'Bangs & Works Vol.1'. It was a carefully curated, first of its kind compilation of Chicago footwork, a style of music which is possibly some of the most genuinely future-facing, innovative new electronic music on the planet. Since the release of that album the attention paid to this little known local scene has increased drastically, so much so that we were able tour DJs Rashad and Spinn plus footwork dancers in the UK and Europe. What's more the music has been adapted for different uses by people outside Chicago, and has influenced new productions not only by Planet Mu artists such as Machinedrum and Kuedo, but by many others as well.

    'Bangs & Works Vol.2' brings the focus back onto Chicago's own producers, showing where the real innovation in the scene still lies. The album attempts to show different sides of footwork to Volume 1. Where the first compilation showed off some of the more hallucinatory and leftfield elements, this cd has a wider remit, covering mad techno-style tracks such as DJ Metro's 'Tekno Bangz' or DJ T-Why’s immense ‘Juice’ and ‘Finished’, to tracks that sound like Musique Concrete gone footwork, like Young Smoke’s 'Space Muzik Part 3' or tracks built around long forgotten europop songs, soul and hip hop. Tracks like Traxman’s 'Funky Block' and DJ Clent’s 'DJ Clent #1' display the obvious influence of flipping samples, Hip hop style to the rhythms of footwork, while DJ Rashad and Gant-Man’s amazing 'Heaven Sent' shows the influence of P-funk and Detroit’s hi-tech soul. Boylan’s ‘Bullet Proof Soul’ is a tender track of pitched-up and looped soul, giving the album a moment of strange, gentle ambience.
    The album features established producers who’ve come up through the juke and ghetto house scenes such as Rashad, Spinn, Traxman, Roc, Clent and the pioneer of footwork RP Boo, all of whom featured on the last CD, as well as younger producers, who are still making their way. DJ Solo, now a popular R&B producer in Chicago, who pioneered the slowing down and speeding up of samples in footwork is one of the older producers not covered in the first comp, as is Flight Muzik’s DJ Metro whose grimey tracks here are culled from a slightly earlier period.
    Of the younger producers not featured on the first compilation, there is the talented Jlin who builds all her tracks from sound sources she’s made herself; Young Smoke, a teenage producer who is also part of Flight Musik and has a very unique and impressive refinement to his productions; DJ MC, whose track ‘Y Fall' has an entrancing minimalism and DJ Rome, an older producer whose 'Showtime' is like a fevered hallucination of pitched horn samples. On Bangs & Works 2, the synapse snapping intensity of footwork is ever present, but this selection shows a widening diversity of approaches to the genre's independent and unique sense of production focus. The music becomes even more impressive and beguiling as you're drawn in.

    10/10/11 V/A - Ghettoteknitianz E.P 12"/WAV/MP3 
    7/10/11 Kuedo - Severant LP/WAV/MP3 (LP includes free digital download code) 

    07/11/11 V/A - Bangs & Works Vol.2 3LP/CD/WAV/MP3 (3LP includes free digital download code)

    Out Now:
    Tropics - Parodia Flare LP/CD/WAV/MP3 (LP includes free digital download code)
Pritch & Trim - Stereotype 12"/WAV/MP3 

    DJ Diamond Flight Muzik 2LP/WAV/MP3 (2LP includes free digital download code) 

    Machinedrum - Rooms 2LP/CD/WAV/MP3 (2LP includes free digital download code) 

    Tropics - Mouves E.P 12"/WAV/MP3 

    Kuedo - Videowave E.P 12"/WAV/MP3 

    Vezelay - Lyre E.P 12"/WAV/MP3
Machinedrum - Sacred Frequency 12"/WAV/MP3 

    Anti G - Presents 'Kentje'sz Beatsz' 2LP/CD/WAV/MP3 (2LP includes free digital download code) 

    Chrissy Murderbot - Womens Studies 2LP/CD/WAV/MP3 (2LP includes free digital download code) 

    Nasty Nasty - No Names 12"/WAV/MP3 

    Venetian Snares - Cubist Reggae 12"/WAV/MP3
Boxcutter - The Dissolve LP/CD/WAV/MP3 (LP includes free digital download code) 

    Chrissy Murderbot - Bussin Down 12"/WAV/MP3 

    FaltyDL - You Stand Uncertain 2LP/CD/WAV/MP3 (2LP includes free digital download code)
Boxcutter - Allele 12"/WAV/MP3
DJ Spinn - Man I Do It 12"/WAV/MP3
V/A - 14 Tracks From Planet Mu CD/MP3/WAV 

    V/A - Bangs & Works Vol.1 3LP/CD/WAV/MP3 (3LP includes free digital download code)

    Our Artist Live Dates:
    Sep 29, 2011 - FaltyDL at Roseland Ballroom NY with Radiohead 

    Sep 30, 2011 - Frog Pocket at Kavka (Antwerp) 

    Sep 30, 2011 - Machinedrum + NastyNasty San Francisco CA 1015 

    Sep 30, 2011 - Chevron at The Star of Kings. 126 York Road, Kings Cross. London. N1 OAX (London) 

    Sep 30, 2011 - Tropics at Pop Southampton, UK 

    Oct 05, 2011 - Machinedrum at Calgary AB, HiFi Club 

    Oct 06, 2011 - FaltyDL Pittsburgh with Four Tet and Battles
Oct 08, 2011 - Machinedrum at Gothic Theatre (Englewood, Denver, Colorado) 

    Oct 16, 2011 - Tropics at Binnacle Festival London, UK
Oct 19, 2011 - Tropics at Buffalo Bar Cardiff, UK 

    Oct 20, 2011 - Tropics at Sneaky Petes Edinburgh, UK 

    Oct 21, 2011 - Tropics at The Arches Glasgow, UK 

    Oct 22, 2011 - Tropics at Start The Bus Bristol, UK
Oct 28, 2011 - Tropics at Electric Brixton London, UK 

    Oct 30, 2011 - Frog Pocket at Peacock Visual Arts gallery (Aberdeen)

    For a limited time we will be doing FREE U.K postage on all records & C.D's at

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