May news 2011

  • Posted by: Thomas on May 30, 2011

    We now have in stock the LP and CD version of Chrissy Murderbot's album 'Women Studies' Chrissy Murderbot’s first album for Planet Mu is a collection of tracks that should come with the warning "be prepared to sweat. On 'Women's Studies' Murderbot manages to twist underground music forms into a new kind of high quality pop music that's a joy to listen to.

    Remember all our vinyl albums now come with a free 320 download of the album.

    Our new Bubbling Logo 'T-shirts' T-shirts and 'hooded tops' are selling fast so if you are interested in getting one make sure you put in your order a.s.a.p as we are starting to run low on certain sizes.

    Venetian Snares 'Cubist Reggae' is out now on digital and the vinyl version will ship later this week.

    On this EP Venetian Snares significantly breaks the mould with four tracks that he calls 'Cubist Reggae'. As a descriptor, it's apt, as these are basic loops and ideas taken from reggae but bent into strange angular sounds.

    Coming up on the 6th of June we have a great release from Dutch bubbling artist 'Anti-G' Anti-G.

    Anti-G a.k.a. Kentje'sz Beatsz, an 18-year-old producer from the South Holland city of Delft is of the current Bubbling House generation, but his music often stabs at other realms. Like many of his peers, he takes in the popular styles of the black and Latin communities of Holland: Bubbling, Reggaeton, Dutch and American Hip-Hop, and House, and loads those influence into Fruity Loops on his PC. This often results in all of those genres crammed into 3 minutes of audio, though occasionally he singles one out. The atmosphere is cold and industrial, not-unlike the sound created by UK Grime producers, but with polyrhythms that swing like Funky House. His tracks often can’t decide if they’re for a rave or a rap show, but in the end sound like the soundtrack for someone getting stabbed in space.

    In about a months time we have the 'Machinedrum LP Room(s)' Machinedrum LP Room(s) coming out. Machinedrum is about to start a monster European tour so make sure you go check him out.


    4 June - Village Underground - London, UK
    10 June - Club Berlin - Bucharest, RO
    11 June - Glade Festival - Norfolk, UK
    16 June - Earnest Endeavors - Barcelona, ES
    17 June - Baobinga - Dublin, IR
    22 June - Fisk & Vilt - Oslo, NO
    24 June - Jacki - Berlin, DE
    25 June - Hoya Hoya - Manchester, UK
    2 July - Nu Spirit Club - Bratislava, SL
    23 July - Rhythm Factory - London, UK
    30 July - Glasgow, SC
    31 July - Applesap Festval - Amsterdam, NE
    12 August - Cabaret Voltaire - Edinburgh, IR
    13 August - Zoomparkfeest - Venlo, NE
    26 August - Limetree Festival - North Yorkshire, UK
    28 August - 6Tauron Festiwal Nowa Muzyka, PO

    Also check out his recent 'Fact Mix & interview'

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