Introducing some NEW SIGNINGS

  • Posted by: Thomas on Jul 28, 2010

    We're happy to announce the arrival of some more new artists to Planet Mu. Firstly: TROPICS .

    The man behind 'Tropics' is Chris Ward. He’s a 22 year old Brit taking influences from 70's jams, post-punk and whatever else he taped in his youth, bringing us the radiant sounds of dreamy, summer nostalgia.

    His music has already caught the attention of Pitchfork and XLR8R who have posted up tracks by him, as well as a number of bands including Bear In Heaven and Little Dragon whom he has already remixed. We release his Soft Vision EP in October followed by more singles and an album in 2011.

    Secondly there are two Chicago Footwork/Juke artists: DJ's RASHAD and ROC

    DJ Rashad has been instrumental to the creation and evolution of Chicago Juke music and has been lifelong friends with other key players on the scene, such as Paul Johnson, DJ Gant-Man, DJ Spinn, DJ Godfather, and Jammin Gerald. He has the ability to blend elements of house, ghetto house, disco, juke, and ghettotech together with a knack for creating sparse, snappy tracks that manage to convey a physicality and funk with a spectacular precision.

    Along with his teammates DJ Spinn and DJ Gant-Man, DJ Rashad has become notorious for making juke anthems that have made fans outside the world of Chicago mix cds. He’s DJ’ed across Europe and released records on Juke Trax and Databass records earlier on in his career and some big remixes and collaborations are in the pipeline. We release his game-changing 6 track EP Itz Not Rite in October.

    DJ Roc's album "The Crack Capone" is released on 18th October. 20 tracks of the most danceable and astounding Footwork music.

    DJ Roc, The Crack Capone, aka Clarence Johnson was born and raised on the southside of Chicago better known as the low end. He grew up listening to Ghetto House and loved seeing people's reactions dancing to it.

    In 2001 he was introduced to the fruityloops program and has been making House and Juke music ever since. This developed into a local DJing career and in 2005, with friends, he formed 'Bosses Of The Circle' who began throwing their own parties promoting themselves and building their fan base up; they were also the first juke squad to release their own cd mixtapes. Linking up with DJ Slugo, they got their first cd "juke city: the crack capital" in stores swiftly followed by juke city vol.2: the takeover and juke city vol.3.

    On 20th September we release Optimum's debut 12" Max Power, Optimum is Malcolm Chen, a new producer from South East London.

    He's collaborated with Ikonika recently but Planet Mu are very happy to be releasing his first solo 12".
    The lead track "Max Power" lives up to its name, mixing tight electro-soca drums with a barrage of ravey riffs that build up with strange transporting noises, creating an almost unbearable, driving intensity without ever having to reach for the wobbly bass or other cliches.

    On side B "Crash Riddim" runs brazen, interlocking arpeggiated melodies which build and reduce against each other over a tight old-school electro drum beat while "Lily" is a soulful number with driving melodic bass, under lush waves of cold angular chords and tough grimey claps and bass kicks.

    We also have an EP coming from Manchester's 18 y/o Numan

    He releases his 4 Track EP Race Against Time at the end of October. Emerging from the considerably over-saturated dubstep scene on a rising wave of glitch-laden polyphony, 18 year old Manchester producer Numan Khan is set to have a prolific year. After cutting his production gums experimenting with grime, his weighty digital sound has begun drawing considerable attention from the dubstep fraternity.

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