New Header!

  • Posted by: Mike P on Oct 25, 2007

    Today I entered the word of "itsthenew" only to discover a new header! Thanks Ben! and thanks Attila and Aaron!!! It looks like it will go well with Leopard which comes out tomorrow.

    Attila assures me that the new website will be "live" next week. I certainly hope so.

    We have a lot of interesting releases planned for next year.

    New albums from: The Doubtful Guest; Barry Lynn; iTAL tEK; Duran Duran Duran; Eero Johannes; Vex'd; Syntheme; Meat Beat Manifesto; Dolphin+Teknoist; Parson; Sunken Foal; Mary Anne Hobbs; Venetian Snares & many more etc.

    Loadsa singles and things too... parties planned etc.

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