Weren't there several planet mu records before Jega's Type Xero?

Originally asked by Mike P on Jan 7, 2010 and asked 7619 times since.

Planet Mu was originally conceived in 1995 as an "imprint" on Virgin Records (aka Hut Recordings in UK or Astralwerks in US) on which to release µ-Ziq and then possibly in the future, other artists as well. And lo, in 1997, the "Mealtime" compilation by various artists was released on Planet Mu/Hut Recordings (aka Virgin Records) featuring Jega, AFX, Elton Fastbrook & etc. to much critical acclaim, but it didn't really cut it for the Virgin paymasters who weren't really used to distributing those sorts of artists (i.e. not the Spice Girls) worldwide and didn't how to know market it, let alone sell it. Which is why it's quite hard to find these days. Anyway:

This prompted Mike Paradinas to set up Planet Mu independently of Virgin in 1998, independently distributed through those fine people at SRD. The first independent release was (in June '98) Jega's Type Xero EP (ziq001), the rest is history. To clarify: all independent Planet Mu releases have ZIQ catalogue numbers.