Do you have a Planet Mu biography?

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Planet Mu is an electronic music record label run by Mike Paradinas (also known as µ-Ziq) based in Great Britain. From 1995 until 1997 the label was a subsidiary imprint of Virgin Records, releasing µ-Ziq's own records and the "Mealtime" compilation. In 1998 Mike Paradinas took the label independent, distributed through SRD.
The label started releasing music by like-minded experimental electronic musicians, it’s earliest successes in this field being Mike himself, Jega, Capitol K, Hellfish & Producer and Luke Vibert. Since the early 2000’s the label has also tracked and reflected Mike’s love of British dance music, releasing one of the first Dubstep albums, Vex'd’s "Degenerate" and one of the first Grime artist albums, Virus Syndicate’s "Work Related Illness" both in 2005, as well as many 12" singles by the likes of Benga, Distance, Boxcutter, Pinch and more. In 2003 Planet Mu released the first of it’s reissues of peerless British dance producers in Remarc’s two retrospective albums; these have been followed by the acclaimed retrospectives of Terror Danjah and Bizzy B. In 2006 Mary Anne Hobbs curated the peerless "Warrior Dubz", the first of three very successful compilations with the label. Planet Mu has followed this many-forked path to this day, in 2009, releasing cutting edge music by Floating Points, Brackles, Gemmy and Falty DL among others and 2010 will be no exception, showing some incredible releases from the likes of Starkey, Raffertie, Slugabed, 0=0 and Rudi Zygadlo.