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Ready To Learn Remix


Manchester's Virus Syndicate preview the re-release of their massively acclaimed debut album "The Work Related Illness" with a double A side; "Ready To Learn Remix" takes the original pop masterpiece and shafts a turbo rock guitar up it's backside which clashes wonderfully with the chipmunk vocal samples of the chorus b/w the Jammer remix of "Major List MCs", all doleful smudges of sound under a graveyard beat--with the mcs: Roll Deep's Trim, hip hop's MC Fallacy, and Neckle Camp's Jammer and Ears as well as the Virus boys.

Ready To Learn Remix

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Play a-1. Ready To Learn (Remix)
a-2. Major List MCs ( Jammer Instrumental )
Play b-1. Major List MCs ( Jammer Vocal Remix )