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Roadeater E.P.


What a wow. There are 5 songs on this 12". The first song "Pillow" is the feature. It is where Flaming Lips dream of going. A totally electronic - not even now but beyond now - song with vocals and a real structure. It is really a musthear, no kidding. This is what I think Brad Laner wanted to do in his post Medicine pop project too. Following 'Pillow' are 4 instrumentals. I like "Production No." best (the song which immediately follows 'Pillow'). It has a simple piano signature like OMD had in "Electricity" or more recently Cinema in "They Nicknamed Me Evil" which it carries up up up into other realms with the sounds around and within it. The third song on the A-side didn't leave much impression on me, and the 2 songs on the B-side are a bit beat oriented, though I do like the first one ("Superheroes") which reminds me a bit of the Japanese band Montparnasse, who have an excellent 12" on Escalator Records.

Roadeater E.P.

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Collection (5 Tracks) : £5.00 Out of Stock
Play 1. Pillow
Play 2. Production No.
Play 3. Naxxar
Play 4. Superheroes
Play 5. Big Submarine (Polaris Mix)
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Play a-1. Pillow
Play a-2. Production No.
Play a-3. Naxxar
Play b-1. Superheroes
Play b-2. Big Submarine (Polaris Mix)